Grading Policy

•Dropping a course within the Add/Drop period will result in a full credit refund of tuition if the drooped course is not replaced by another. Full credit refund will be applied to any outstanding balance a student maybe owing the college or maybe applied to any new course a student may register to replace the dropped course. If a student drops a course or courses and drop from the college, the college shall not refund any fees or tuition paid by the student.

Failure to attend class does not qualify as a drop. Unless you officially drop a course, you are responsible for full tuition and fees

Withdrawing from Courses
To “withdraw” from a course means to remove oneself from the course after the Add/Drop period. The course will remain on the transcript, and a “W” will appear on the transcript in place of a grade. This does not affect the GPA; however, it does affect the completion rate. Students whose cumulative completion rate falls below 66.66% risk being placed on academic warning, probation, or suspension. Additionally, the following should also be considered:

• Students will be able to withdraw online when the eservice is instituted.
• Failure to attend class does not qualify as a withdrawal. Unless you officially withdraw from a course, you are responsible for full tuition and fees.
• Students may withdraw from a course anytime during the term, except during the last 10 weekdays of the term.
• Withdrawals must be submitted before the last day of the course.
• performance meets course requirements (2 quality points per credit)
• performance minimally meets course requirements (1 quality point per credit)
• performance is unsatisfactory (0 quality points per credit)
• Pass: Performance greatly exceeds or meets course requirements
• No Credit: Performance is unsatisfactory and student is required to repeat the course
• The Pass/No Credit option is assigned to some general education courses, seminars and workshops that are required of all students, but do not have credit assigned to them. Students must achieve the equivalent of “C” or better in order to receive pass.

The audit (AU) option is for students who want to take a course and not receive a grade. Students selecting this option may choose to participate fully in the class by completing assignments.

Taking tests, and receiving evaluative feedback. An AU will appear on the student transcript. The cost of auditing a course is the same as taking the course for credit. Audits cannot be converted to a letter grade and will not satisfy a course prerequisite or a graduation requirement.

Other Grade Types:

Incomplete (I)
Incomplete (I) indicates that the instructor has granted an extension of time for course completion. The student and the instructor must enter a formal agreement detailing when the remaining requirements will be completed. Said agreement must be communicated with the Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Office of the Registrar. An “I” grade automatically becomes an F at the end of the next semester (not including vacation school) if all course requirements have not been satisfactorily completed. If course requirements are satisfactorily completed, a change of grade form may be requested from the registrar office, filled in and signed by the instructor and returned for consideration in fulfillment of his/her obligation. Note: Instructors are not obligated to give “I” grades or grant extensions for completing course requirements. An “I” is not calculated in GPA but counts as an attempted but not completed course in the calculation of satisfactory academic progress.

Withdraw (W)

Withdrawal (W) indicates a student has withdrawn from a course. A “W” is not calculated in GPA but counts as an attempted but not completed course in the calculation of satisfactory academic progress.

Repeated Courses
When a course is repeated, both the course and the grade earned will be shown on the student’s transcript. The course that was previously taken is not counted in GPA calculation but will count as an attempted but not completed course for calculation of satisfactory academic progress.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is determined by adding all grade points earned and dividing them by the sum of all credits attempted in courses where a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F was received. GPA is computed on a semester and a cumulative basis. GPA calculation does not include test-out grades, transfer grades, advanced placement, portfolio, or articulated courses.

Grade Appeal
Students who feel their grade is inaccurate and cannot resolve the issue with their instructor may appeal their grade through the use of the student appeal procedure. Appeal forms are available at the Registration Office. Appeals to change grades must be submitted within one term of completion of the course.

Maximum Credit Load
The maximum credit load per term at BCTC is 18 credits. Students may not exceed this limit unless their grades are above average and they have obtained authorization from their faculty advisor/Dean of Students prior to registration.

Enrollment Status
Full-time recognition: 12 or more credits registered during the semester.

Part-time recognition: 6-11 credits registered during the semester.
Only courses with grades A-F are considered in the calculation of the GPA and enrollment status.

Degree Completion Requirements
In order for a student to graduate with a degree, he/she must ensure the following: