Adding,Dropping And Withdrawing From Courses

Students are responsible for understanding the processes for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses, as well as the difference between dropping and withdrawing. When the semester begins, the administration will announce the add and drop period so as to allow students to freely change and solidify their semester courses and or schedules without consequence. After this period, students may only withdraw if they wish to remove them-selves from a course. To withdraw from a course, a student must pick up the withdrawal form from the office of the registrar and have the faculty for the class signs it. And then student shall return the form to the registrar.

Adding Courses
To “add” a course would require the following procedures:

•Students may add courses during the Add/Drop period when it is announced by the administration.
•Students may add courses any time during the semester if the course has not yet begun, and there are still open seats in the class.
•Instructor permission is required if a student wishes to add a course after the Add/Drop period or after the start date of a late starting course. Please note that students are not officially enrolled in an added course (class) until the Add/Drop form has been submitted to the registrar with the authorized signatures, and tuition payment for the course(s) that has been added.
•Adding courses may not be done over the telephone. Students must add courses online or in person (if that service is available).

Dropping Courses
To “drop” a course would require the following procedure:
Students may drop courses without penalty during the Add/Drop period, when it is announced by the administration.

•Dropping a course within the Add/Drop period will result in a full credit refund of tuition if the drooped course is not replaced by another. Full credit refund will be applied to any outstanding balance a student maybe owing the college or maybe applied to any new course a student may register to replace the dropped course. If a student drops a course or courses and drop from the college, the college shall not refund any fees or tuition paid by the student.

Failure to attend class does not qualify as a drop. Unless you officially drop a course, you are responsible for full tuition and fees

Withdrawing from Courses
To “withdraw” from a course means to remove oneself from the course after the Add/Drop period. The course will remain on the transcript, and a “W” will appear on the transcript in place of a grade. This does not affect the GPA; however, it does affect the completion rate. Students whose cumulative completion rate falls below 66.66% risk being placed on academic warning, probation, or suspension. Additionally, the following should also be considered:

•Students will be able to withdraw online when the eservice is instituted.
•Failure to attend class does not qualify as a withdrawal. Unless you officially withdraw from a course, you are responsible for full tuition and fees.
•Students may withdraw from a course anytime during the term, except during the last 10 weekdays of the term.
•Withdrawals must be submitted before the last day of the course.