Transfer of Credits

Students transferring with prior coursework at another college or university should provide official transcripts to the BCTC Admissions Office for transfer evaluation. Any college-level course will be considered for transfer if such course is compatible with courses in the program to which the student is applying. Additional documentation may be requested to complete a transfer evaluation. If a student’s cumulative GPA from the sending institution is less than 2.0(D average), it will not be accepted in transfer from that school. Additionally, no F grades will be accepted in transfer of credits. Courses approved for transfer must be comparable in nature, content, and level and must match at least 75 percent of the content and goals of the course for which the student is seeking equivalent credit. Transfer grades are not calculated in a student’s cumulative GPA for progress toward a degree.The number of credits transferred to Bong County Technical College shall not exceed 25% of total credits needed for obtaining a degree at BCTC.

Transfer of Credit to another Post-Secondary Institution
Credit courses in majors at Bong County Technical College are intended to provide scholarly and employment skills. The number of credits that may be transferred from BCTC is determined by the receiving institution. When transferring to another college or university, students shall make transcript request to the Registrar’s office. The registrar shall send said transcript directly to the institution to which the student is applying. If the student is requesting a transcript to be sent to a company for employment purposes, said transcript shall be sent directly to said company. At no time will a student be given a transcript for delivery to another institution.


A course wait list will be established once a course has been filled. Students will be responsible for putting themselves on the wait list by adding the course to their wait list. Placement on the wait list will be on a first-come basis. In order for a student to be placed on the wait list, the student must have an active email account on file. All wait list notifications will be sent via email and will include changes in current position, offer of an open seat, and removal from the wait list. Once an open seat offer is made, the student will have a predetermined amount of time to accept the offer and this will be noted in the email that is sent to the student. If the student accepts the offer by registering, the student accepts all financial obligations. If the student does not accept the offer within the specified time frame, the student will automatically be removed from the wait list. A student may be on multiple wait lists for the same course (different sections). The course wait list will become inactive on the last business day prior to the start of the term or the last day of “add and drop.”