Campus Life

Some activities in which the Students participate include sports and athletic, BCTC Chorus, Band, Orchestra and (annual production of the year book), etc.

Other activities include parties under the aegis of the BCTC Student Union (SU) and Student Political Parties. The Leadership of the Student Union is determined by the students through the campus based election. All campus based student elections must be preceded by voter’s registrations. NO ELECTION(S) SHALL BE CONDUCTED WITHOUT VOTER REGISTRATION (the number of electorates must be determined before the election is conducted).

The leadership comprises of the President, Vice President and the Student Representative to the College Board. Other members of the Leadership include the Financial Secretary and Secretary General which constitute the Executive Committee of BCTCSU. The Executive Committee coordinates student activities at the College in close consultation with the Office of Student Affairs.

All student campus organizations shall be duly registered in the Office of Student Affairs of the College by filing copies of the By-Laws and Constitutions and other regulations, indicating eligibility for membership, purpose, aims and objectives of the organization. For recognition as a campus organization, the Constitution, By-Laws and other organizational instruments and amendments thereto shall be approved by the College Council/Board.