New Student

Students planning to enroll must complete a Bong county Technical College entrance application form and submit it with application fee to the Admissions Office(Finance office with the approval of the VP for Administration will decide payment procedure). Application forms may be obtained from BCTC campus or various high schools in Liberia, and BCTC website. All students are required to sit the college’s entrance exam.

To promote success, the results of the entrance exam help determine a student’s readiness to begin coursework in a chosen major. Course prerequisites vary from major to major. You will be advised if you are required to take a remedial course in math or English. If students believe that their entrance exam grades do not represent their level of skill in a particular area, they may ask to see their entrance exam grades. If a student failed both Math and English, he/she would have to wait to sit another entrance exam. Student passing one course will be allowed to do remedial in the course they did not pass.

New student orientation

  • Orientation shall be held before registration for all In-Coming Freshmen and Transfer students.
  • It shall be compulsory that all freshmen and Transfer students attend and sign a BOND OF GOOD BEHAVIOR AND TEST FRAUD BOND during orientation.


Students are responsible for understanding the processes for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses, as well as the difference between dropping and withdrawing. When the semester begins, the administration will announce the add and drop period so as to allow students to freely change and solidify their semester courses and or schedules without consequence. After this period, students may only withdraw if they wish to remove them-selves from a course. To withdraw from a course, a student must pick up the withdrawal form from the office of the registrar and have the faculty for the class signs it. And then student shall return the form to the registrar.