Realizing the need for developing individuals in technical disciplines, the Liberian Fifty Second (52nd) Legislature passed into law the establishment of the Dolokellen Gboveh College in 2010. The college primary goals were to train student in the areas of Computer Engineering, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agriculture Technology, Education Technology and Nursing. To achieve this goal, the people of Bong County donated 27.5 acres of land for the construction of the college in the city of Gbarnga. The building of the facility was planned in four phases. Phase one was the administrative and classroom building. Phase two was the furnishing of those facilities. The third phase was the construction of residences for staff, faculty, and students. And the final phase was the furnishing of the residences.

In April 2012, at the recommendation of the Bong County Legislative Caucus, the Liberia National Commission on Higher Education appointed eight members Interim Management Team to develop policies and curriculum for the opening of the college. However, only the following six persons took on the task of developing the policies, curriculum and the general setting up of the college.

Dr. John S. Flomo Jr. —————- Chair/President

Hon. Edwin T. Juah —————– Member

Mr. David Mator, Jr. —————- Member

Hon. Samuel B. Bondo ————- –Member

Hon. Lucia T. Herbet —————–Member

Cllr. James Saybay ——————–Member

The Interim Management Team (IMT) began work a week after their appointment. They first reviewed the Act that created the college and realized that some amendments were needed. The IMT made several proposed amendments to the Act. The most important amendment, amongst others was the changing of the name of the college. After several consultations with people in Liberia and abroad, the Team decided to change the name of the college from “Dollokelen Gboveh University College” to “Bong County Technical College.” The Team in its wisdom and from consultations realized that this was a befitting name for the college since it was simpler and that it also clearly reflects the name of the County that is the owner of the said institution. After this decision, the IMT drafted the proposed amendments and forwarded them to the Liberia National Commission on Higher Education. After an extensive review process by the Commission, the proposed amendments were forwarded to the Liberian Legislature who passed on those proposals. Thus, the college became “Bong County Technical College.”